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17.10.2023 — Mariana Eidler

Ricardo Bonacho participates in the 19th edition of the Congresso dos Cozinheiros to talk about how important is Food Design for gastronomy today. Also to clarify that Food Design is NOT Food STYLISM. as saig in their website, the subject of the congress was “time and age that are themes for all human beings. Time is the compass that marks everything around us. Age, on the other hand, is an inevitability. They are connected concepts in which, hopefully, there is a joint progression.
It’s no different with food, techniques and equipment. How do time and age affect products and their progression? 
And while it’s important to embrace the new, it’s crucial to understand the past to walk a future path. We are talking about people in Portuguese gastronomy who have left a legacy for the current generation of cooks and pastry chefs. It is in this sense of appreciation and inspiration that we pave the way to talk about topics such as learning, career paths, career and personal and professional life management and mental health.” For more information:

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