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17.10.2023 — Mariana Eidler

EIT Food Fellowship Program as a mentor. 
Pedro Alvarez was a mentor in the EIT Food Fellowship Program for the 4th time. He talks about how he really believes in the propelling force of the program stimulating researchers to form teams, and find a problem or challenge where they can apply their knowledge and research background and design a solution within a business model with potential to become a company. 

This year they had great talent working together, and today, we had the opportunity to watch them in action in a 2 minutes pitch. Hey, don’t forget most of them are researchers, and this is something that puts them in a challenging position. 

Science needs to meet the real world, and be part of the solution of pressing challenges that need new approaches to be remediated.

Congrats to all the teams, the EIT Food Fellowship stuff and my colleague mentors for their kind support.

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