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FORK in the Food Design Festival

14.09.2023 — Mariana Eidler

Pedro Alvarez participated at the Food Design Festival in the Venuring builder pannel. Good summary of the diagnosis of the situation that was made at the round table on the subject of Venture Building, and it is also true that our country, Spain, has great potential, for many reasons. It lacks a cultural change that, as you mention, will be led by the new generations. However, those of us who are now in the arena will have to make an effort, and even if it goes against our way of operating, we will have to open ourselves to collaboration. Today’s challenges cannot be solved at the local level; they require an act of humility and generosity, to work for the common good, in a collaborative and non-competitive manner. Only in this way can we ensure a better world for our descendants. We will continue!

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