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Global Brooklyn – Designing Food Experiences in World Cities

16.06.2021 — Daniel Paladini

Global Brooklyn – Designing Food Experiences in World Cities is the new book of Fabio Parasecoli and Mateusz Halawa. The book intends to map the food hot spots of different cities around the world and ask the reader what all of them have in common. “Despite all their differences, consumers in each major city are drawn to a similar atmosphere: rough wooden tables in postindustrial interiors lit by Edison bulbs. There, they enjoy single-origin coffee, kombucha, and artisanal bread. This is ‘Global Brooklyn,’ a new transnational aesthetic regime of urban consumption. It may look shabby and improvised but it is all carefully designed. It may romance the analog, but is made to be Instagrammed. It often references the New York borough, but is shaped by many networked locations where consumers participate in the global circulation of styles, flavors, practices, and values”.

Fabio Parasecoli is professor of Food Studies in the Nutrition and Food Studies Department at New York University.

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