Call for Papers EFOOD2022

02.12.2021 — Mariana Eidler

The organizing institutions of the 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change, invite professors, MA and PhD students, researchers, chefs, professionals and designers from all scientific areas to submit unpublished articles for presentation at the 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change.

The conference emerges as a forum where academics and experts collaborate in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way on the current food system and its food. Like the first and second conferences, it is intended to be a meeting between the world of design and food with other scientific areas.

The 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change, seeks to explore potential solutions to current problems of the food system and scenarios on the future of food and nutrition. The fundamental objective of the conference is to generate value for our food and the design as a research and work methodology. This important goal can only be achieved if specific steps are taken if we carry out essential tasks. If to define a goal, it is necessary to emphasize the benefits and reasons for this. To achieve it, it is instead necessary to focus on a specific and positive process. For this reason, the word envisioning, as the ability to plan the present and activate change, having a holistic and systemic approach, looking towards the future. It is also intended that academics interact with the industry, and the proposed format facilitates collaboration between diverse scientific domains.

We are opening the call for articles on the following topics:
Design for Sustainability and Agenda 2030
Design for Social Innovation
Design for Food Design Education
Design for Policies and Communities
Design for Nutrition and Health
Design for Gastro-wine Tourism
Design for Gastronomy

You can also submit the following research topics related to the main themes of the conference:
Products, services and experiences;
Edible materials for food waste;
Food waste;
Solutions for food industry, producers, supply chain, retailers;
Technological solutions for food;
New habits and diets for food consumption;
Local and seasonal food production;
Food Narratives and Storytelling;
Food Experiences and Multisensory Experiences with Food;
The Food and the Cities: foodscapes; landscapes; cityscapes;
Food Events;
New practices at the table, food heritage and local foods;
New models of education in food and design;
New pedagogical practices with food and design.

The call for papers to be presented is addressed to academics, researchers, and professionals interested in the proposed topics.

1st Phase
Submit an abstract until January 21 2022, with the following guidelines:
500-word maximum (the abstract should state the purpose of the research, methods, principal results and conclusions briefly). Structure: Introduction; Methodology; Results, Discussion and Conclusions.
The scientific committee will analyze the abstracts and papers, following a blind review process, selecting those that demonstrate relevance, originality and adequacy to the proposed themes. It will exclude proposals that do not meet these criteria.

Submission Platform
15 February 2022 communication of accepted proposals.
15 March 2022 end of early bird for registration.

2nd Phase
The full article must be submitted until 15 June 2022 in the template provided for a second double-blind review. After this review, if the article is ready, the editor will publish it with indexation to SCOPUS and ISIS. Failure to comply with these deadlines will result in excluding the article from the final publication of the event.

• Authors with more than one accepted submission have a 50% discount on the second enrollment.
• In the case of submission of two or more authors, the main author of the paper must pay the full registration corresponding to the participation in the conference. Secondary authors should pay only the registration corresponding to the assistance if they want to attend the conference.
• Emergency contact (optional)
• Observations: If you have special dietary restrictions, special accessibility needs or some information for your safety that the organization should know, please fulfill this item.

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