Call for Projects EFOOD2022

02.12.2021 — Mariana Eidler

The 3rd Edition of the International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change, has partnered with well-known food brands and food industry leaders to choose the best projects applying to our “food design for next-generation food systems” call for projects.

With a clear goal in mind, which is to get food designers and the food industry to work together, we have defined in collaboration with our partners the following interest areas that aim to inspire food design applications in real and concrete projects, that contribute to pave the way and become an inspiration to create next-generation food systems.

Aligned with the theme of the 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change, we challenge designers, researchers, chefs, professionals of food-related areas to submit their projects.
The four areas of interest are:

  1. Next Generation of Consumers (conscious eating; reducing food waste; building trust; home food safety; intelligent kitchen appliances; nutrition aid and technologies…);
  2. Next Generation of Food Brands (sustainability checklist; new uses of ancient ingredients; plant-based products; clean labels; honest branding; transparency; packaging-free foods; increasing new and equitable sustainable diets…);
  3. Next Generation of Restaurants (new business models; growing our own food (indoor farming, aquaculture), local foods; plant-based menus; reducing food waste…)
  4. Next Generation of Farmers / Fisherman (novel farming systems (indoor, aquaculture, insects, seaweed…) reduce food lost; increase efficiency and working conditions…)

Projects can be edible products, objects of use or communication, spaces, processes, services or experiences related to the proposed areas. We welcome participants who present their projects regardless of being prototypes, projects in progress, concluded or commercialized.

How to participate?

1st Phase

  1. Submit an abstract (maximum 500 words + 4/5 keywords)
  2. 2 or 3 illustrative images (72 dpi’s – maximum 3mb) of the project.
    Submit Project

2st Phase

  1. If the project is selected by the scientific committee, your are asked to send an extended project summary, technical information and images with resolution for poster printing.

Confirmed entries are entitled to:

  1. Be part of the official program;
  2. Receive official documentation;
  3. Obtain a certificate of participation;
  4. Publish the project in the catalogue of the conference EFOOD2022;
  5. Lunches and coffee breaks;
  6. Be eligible for selection of our partners to pitching sessions.

3rd Phase

  1. The selected projects will be announced for pitching sessions with our partners during the conference. The pitching sessions will occur on Saturday, 30 April 2022.

• Authors with more than one accepted submission have a 50% discount on the second enrollment.
• In the case of submission of two or more authors, the main author of the paper must pay the full registration corresponding to the participation in the conference. Secondary authors should pay only the registration corresponding to the assistance if they want to attend the conference.
• Emergency contact (optional)
• Observations: If you have special dietary restrictions, special accessibility needs or some information for your safety that the organization should know, please fulfill this item.

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