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Research and Technological Progress: what is the impact on the business

02.12.2021 — Mariana Eidler

On November 15th, the Italian Institute of Technology promoted the digital event with the theme “Research and Technological Progress: what is the impact on the business”. With a panel with well-known names, The Fork Organization was represented by our co-founder Sonia Massari on the Lifetech committee.

“Technology & Trends” was the first digital event organized by IIT – Italian Institute of Technology and Studio Volpi; the focus of the day was to discuss the progress of research and technologies with a roadmap that will identify possible future influences in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The event’s program was divided into four macro topics, Nanomaterials, Lifetech, Robotics and Computational – the four research domains of the IIT – based on technologies and research developed in the Foundation’s laboratories, such as microchips for printing and edibles, bioplastics, industrial and bio-inspired robotics, big data, algorithms, artificial intelligence, to come up with an analysis of their possible repercussions in the near future, according to current socio-environmental trends.

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