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Voilà: the edible cutlery that tastes like pizza and wants to do away with plastic

30.06.2021 — Daniel Paladini

After eating, you can also eat them. There are knives, forks and even spoons, all made with a kind of biscuit. Plastic cutlery is becoming extinct. After the straws made with dough, which you could even bake later, the edible cutlery that tastes like pizza is on the way. The Volià brand was created by Laura Gispert and will soon be available on the Spanish market, but the goal is to reach the entire world.
“In the beginning, it was a very experimental process. I started designing cutlery inspired by organic shapes that would be visually appealing. Then, when it started to acquire a commercial sense, I wanted to simplify and make something functional, ergonomic, that could be manufactured in series”, explained Laura Gispert to the Spanish magazine “Expansion”.
She started developing the product in design studies she was doing at a school in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Then she created the brand intending to be on sale in supermarkets and used in cafes and pastry shops.
“The idea of ​​this hybrid between food and product is to replace plastic cutlery in informal contexts such as a snack or an appetizer.”
The main element that composes them is flour. “We searched for the best ones for consistency, and everyone, we wanted it to be gluten-free, and we opted for rice flour,” she explains. Whoever tastes it says it tastes similar to pizza dough.
Gelling components are also used to give consistency. “The goal was for it to be a neutral product, not to mix with the taste of the food and to be pleasant.” It guarantees that they are resistant and do not break easily.
This project counted with the advisor and participation of Mariana Eidler and Pedro Alvarez, founders of FORK

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