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16.06.2021 — Mariana Eidler

During OFF Barcelona Design Week 2021, FORK presented the organization that strives to change our food systems through Food Design. The presentation had the participation of the founders: Antonio Barrera, Mariana Eidler, Pedro Alvarez, Ricardo Bonacho and Sonia Massari, and a panel of international guests: Albert Fuster (Academic Director of ELISAVA), Chazz Titus (Chef); Clara Bartra Cornominas (General Director of Food Tech Hub of Forward Fooding); Cristina Bowerman (Chef); Fabio Parasecoli (Professor of Food Studies NY University); Marije Vogelzang (Eating Designer), and Rebeca De Sancho Mayoral (Investment Manager EIC Fund R&I Investments), each one related to one of the four organization pillars: research & education, industry, food design and gastronomy.

The FORK is a global non-profit organization of experts in food and design who aims to (re)think and (re)design the food systems and human’s diet. Applying this new field of action – food design – FORK wants to create opportunities in the agri-food systems based on research, knowledge and practice in generating new solutions for food in a transdisciplinary way. FORK’s approach to food has a holistic strategy to inspire people, industry, academia, and professionals to develop their role in the complex dilemmas that current food systems present. With a specialized board of advisors, partners, and experts in food and design, the organization’s work focuses on four specific areas to positively change the food systems:
Research & Education (Translate Data and Values into Actions)
Industry (Engage Stakeholders, Co-create and innovate)
Gastronomy (Re-think, Co-create and Share)
Food Design (Communicate, Inspire and Empower)

Will you join us in this movement of #foodchangers?

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